all in house, a very old house

About us

No we don't live here. But come by in person!  We'd truly love to get to know you. Oh us?  You could say we're passionate about life. We're nerds into hiking, board games, crack'a'dawn workouts, books, art, and philosophy. Our art philosophy? This is art about you, not hammering you into our art. We love to see the meaning in a moment, and bring that out best foot forward.

What else?  We believe in business the new old fashioned way. Hence the very old house. 1910 actually.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, you are what thrills us to the soul about this job. We love being a part of the day with you, watching you, seeing you find love and commitment. Beautiful moments unfold right before us, front row ticket eager in hand.

Scarlet oak studiO

202 E Center Street
Provo UT, 84606


Office Hours
M-F 9-5pm

We're located in the heart of Historic Downtown Provo UT, it's a straight shot from the freeway. Schedule an appointment and come say hi!


We founded this studio on our love of love. If we work with you, we're going to be spending a lot of time together. But that starts with a good relationship, so come say hi! The only part of this job we love more than the capture is getting to know you, huddled over a plate of cookies fresh out the oven – perks of a very old house.

Ephraim Upton

Abigayle Cole

Kaitlin Lesch

Lavina Koelpin

Fae Murphy

Our Vows to You:

To never cut corners

No old DSLRs and flashes. We do old fashioned, but our tech is always top shelf.

To go the second mile

Everyone deserves a little special treatment. That does mean everyone, including others.

to support you every step of the way

When things get hot, we won't get hot. We're in this for you.

To keep this art about you

Not us. We love this work because of you. In this art, you're the chief collaborator.

"Wow, thanks Scarlet Oaks!", Scarlet Oak Studios.. er...
Scarlet Studios..
..uh, dear me!
It's okay, we love you anyways.

For day length photo or film:

Standard Approach starts at $1200
Signature Approach starts at $3200

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