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an approach for all

With memory capture, approach is where your investment goes. This is capture of a never go back nature; can't redo, miss it and the moment's gone. Reliable quality capture starts before the big day and continues long after with hours of editing.

Standard approach
what we Always bring to every big day
in photography, videography, or both

Before your Day:


We start with a face to face hello and get to know. This is about you – so we we get a feel for who you are and what makes your relationship yours. We learn what's important to you so we can put our effort where it matters most.


Just before the big day we reach out again for any changes or details. Our photographers clarify group shot lists, our videographers asks about the toasts, etc. We want to make sure this is always done custom right for you.

During your Day:


One high res, one high speed all day start to finish. Real capture means ready for moments as they come. Wide angle lens on one camera and a telephoto on the other.



Always a full professional gimbal that keeps up moving with you, with full focus on you.  Go up with the bouquet toss, go down with the dance. No bobble-stick tilt wobble, no moments missed.



Architects design venue lighting as even as possible, on camera that's flat lifeless! We want your first dance to look the way it felt – be it romantic candle warm, or rainbow rave. We always bring soft box continuous lights good for both artists, no cold white flash wrecking the video.


Life happens and we don't want to miss your life happening! We bring a backup for every piece of equipment and have backup personal ready at the studio. From dual record to check-sum on import we strive for double safe.

After your Day:

all polished content

Anything you get from our studio holds a consistent quality standard.  Expect every image or film to be print-worthy, post-worthy, watch-with-friends-and-family-worthy. And expect lots of it!


Images are always worked on in-house individually. We want you focused on memories not blemishes. Every image gets reviewed for fly-away hairs, color, exposure, and more.



Gallery grade prints in-house. With every shoot you can select a handful of favorites for enlargement – additional editing included. If it's going on your wall we want it looking just right.



A whirlwind of memories in clean, clear, cinematic beauty. The goal is for a grandchild to someday feel like they were there with you reliving some of the greatest memories of your lifetime.



Imagine handing dad a big expensive camera and say "home movie record everything".  Except this is better... because we know what we're doing.  Love you dads.



Human means we all go up and down, but that's not good enough for your final product.  We feedback everything in house face to face, never a solo artist deciding good enough.

Digital Delivery + LIFETIME BACKUP

Everything available for easy download.  Then lifetime archival backup. Do this long enough and you'll see just how often it happens. Every year we have couples call in a panic... Yes, we still have your stuff.


Why yes, thank you!  Actually, we shoot quite a bit of documentary work. So rather than treat your memories like they don't matter, we give them the same treatment we give our larger patrons and projects.

Our capture

Reliable quality is our Standard
Signature scales the customization and creativity.

reliable quality as standard

If you'll spend a lifetime looking back on these moments, lifetime quality is a must.  Standard Approach puts that reliable quality within reach for anyone. Really – look around, ask questions, write it down and compare – the more you learn, the more you'll see only a studio can make your investment go so far and do so much.

Summary of Standard
Before your day
Face to face consultation for clear communication start to finish.
Last check-in for any changes or details.
During your day
Photo: Dual cameras, pro zooms and low light primes.
Video: Full cinema camera in a pro gimbal.
Color matching soft lights.
Failsafe for every artist and piece of equipment.
After your day
All content edited in-house, never outsourced.
Photo: Every image worked on for blemish, fly-aways, etc.
Video: Highlights with Full Footage always included.
Every piece of content gets feedback by another artist.
Digital delivery + lifetime backups.

For day length photo or film,
Standard Approach starts at $1200

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custom scaled to new heights

Signature starts with the same roots as Standard, but rises to new heights of customization and creativity.  As a studio, we have room for scaling in ways no one else can. The difference is a thousand meaningful touches you'll notice more and more with the decades. Truly, only a studio can make your investment go so far and do so much.

Summary of Signature

everything from Standard plus:

Before your day
Robust $1k customizations budget built in.
End to end consultation to explore all the options.
Dedicated block of time to location scout beforehand.
during your day
Lead by our most experienced artists, for maximizing creativity.
Additional time block to "Plus" capture.
Second Shooters and Specialists as needed.
Enormous library of tools tailored to the moment.
after your day
Custom edit options for all capture.
Feedback cycles capped with a "whole team" review.
Wood engraved heirloom delivery options.

For day length photo or film,
Signature Approach starts at $3200

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We're all in for you

Learn about
our packages

Here's some questions to ask
any artist about their investment

What happens if the photographer gets sick?
Or pregnant?  Or gets in a car wreck?  Sprains an ankle?  Do this full time and you'll see those all happen regularly. We're ready for it, we're a team.
what's the difference between amateur and pro?
An amateur does this for fun, is still learning – which means you get "still learning". The bigger question, how to tell the difference between some lucky shots and consistent reliable quality?  We think the answer is approach.
How do you deal with dark venues and low light?
Lens and lights both play a key role to keeping it real. Go cheap on either lens or lights and every image will come in fifty shades of fake.
and if the stress brings blemishes?
The two extremes are a mountain of not finished spotty images – or only getting a handful of best of best pay per edit. We aim for the higher middle way, hundreds of images individually edited.
Who holds your quality bar?
We all go up and down, it's only human. That's why we have more than one human. No solo artist in a corner deciding good enough, as a team of professionals we feedback every image in-house every time.
What if a decade later I lose my copy?
Most artists do this for about a decade before burning out. So you might get lucky, if they happen to keep a rigorous backup themselves. We're brick and mortar in it for the long haul.
For day length photo or film:

Standard Approach starts at $1200
Signature Approach starts at $3200

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