because your love deserves love

what is approach?

Most people shopping for wedding capture look at two things: galleries and price. But how do you ensure the quality you saw in a portfolio or gallery is what you’ll get for the price you pay? That's where understanding approach comes in.

ignore approach and you have no idea if
the money paid will produce the quality you want.

Portfolio and galleries are great first steps, they show previous work and artistic values. But you're not buying finished art off the wall. Weddings and the people in them come in infinite combinations.

One couple gets married in a bright mid day afternoon, another in the dark of winter. One has clean immaculate skin, another's skin get's blotchy in the cold! Some couples are bursting with giggles, others are shy. How do you capture each couple with reliable quality, capturing their love in a way that’s truly theirs?

Approach is everything that connects your package numbers through to the quality you saw in galleries. It's all the processes, equipment, and prep to make sure an artist is able to adapt to whatever comes. Approach begins before the big day and continues long after, till it's your love hanging on the gallery wall.

approach is what captures
real laughter.
approach is what captures
true happiness.
approach is what
adapts to anything.
approach ensures we're
ready for the moment.
approach is what keeps
your love as truly yours.
When it comes to capturing love
approach is a collaboration
with you as our chief collaborator.
Still don't get why it matters?
 here's a little analogy:
You're the main ingredient

"no cherry picking"

Approach is why some portfolios are a platter of one hit wonders, the cherry picked best images someone has ever done. Adapting to anything and always producing quality requires quite the kitchen and staff.

Imagine a restaurant where you bring the ingredients to the table. No, it's not the same five dishes the chef makes every night. This place is special: the chef has to use what you bring to the table and make something amazing.  How?  A state of the art kitchen, a huge range of equipment to ready to handle anything, servers who ask good questions and give great recommendations!

Well, that's basically what's going on in memory capture. You're the main ingredient. It's your families and their bag of spices. You bring the venue with it's unique lighting challenges. It's spontaneous live memories. What makes this so worth capturing is that it's truly yours, and we're not there to cookie cutter your love!  So is your dinner party big enough you should reserve two chefs?  Do we need to a speciality stove for your special ingredients?

That's why we insist on starting with a consultation. You're buying into a collaboration. We bring the expertise, equipment, and the heavy lifting – but you're our main collaborator. How we approach capture with you determines what you'll be looking back on for the rest of your life.

Bon apatite!


We have two simple starting points to make sure we're matching the scope of your day:

Sometimes all you need is a solo artist, sometimes you truly need a crew to reliably hit the quality bar you're looking for. Available in photography, videography, or both.



approach includes:
before the day
Professional consultation time.
Final Checklist Review.

all standard

Collectively we've shot over a thousand weddings. We give you plenty of resources to help make sure your capture is the best it can be.

Leading up to the wedding we reach out to help you do a Final Checklist Review, talk through final plans, and hone in on your preferences.

during the day
Always trained artists.
Photo: Dual cameras, pro lenses.
Video: Cinema camera and gimbal.
Pair of fully adjustable lights.
Failsafe plan for all equipment.

all standard

The heart of Standard is artists who have been through a heavy training program, shadowed then co-shot dozens of weddings, and truly care about making sure your memories are worth looking back on for a lifetime. Without these trained, caring artists, our tens of thousands of dollars of equipment wouldn't really matter.

But yes the tools matter. For example, Why's a flash photo often look fake?  It's the wrong color of light. Our lights are can be adjusted for both brightness and color temperature so they always look natural.


Our photo comes Standard with dual cameras start to finish, with a wide angle lens on one and a telephoto on the other. That means more real moments captured.


Video get a full professional gimbal that keeps up moving with you, with full focus on you.  Go up with the bouquet toss, go down with the dance. No bobble-stick tilt wobble, no moments missed. This isn't about tech, this is about beautiful moments captured beautifully.

after the day
Feedback cycles with another artist.
Photo: Edits + Selects.
Video: Highlights + Full Footage.
Digital Delivery + Lifetime Backup.

all standard

Everything we give you gets feedback from another artist. We help each other hold a consistent quality bar for every image, not just the ones we want for our own portfolio.

We give you everything hosted for a full year, then keep a lifetime backup. How's that for service after the day?


Studio means an in-house full time retoucher. Full Day coverage yields three hundred Edits, all worked on one by one – targeted for 8x10 printing. We want you focused on beautiful memories, not the blemishes and flyaway hairs.

We got into giclée printing after too often seeing the gap between our edits and the prints from big box shops. Art snobbery aside – yes – you can still print your wedding at Costco, as long as we never have to see it.


Enter the whirlwind, the whole day in a beautiful retelling. No, not endless slo-mo same shots cookie cutter – we've seen too much of that to! Instead, our Highlights do indeed highlight your day; upbeat happy, lovely romantic, or sometimes even quirky.

We always give you Full Footage so you have every memory we captured. This is better than raw, it's been color corrected, merged with nice audio from the day, and trimmed of repeat shots or filming the floor.

starting at $1200


approach includes:
before the day
Start to Finish Senior Artists.
Outside Time for Special Prep.
Deep Review before the wedding.

all signature

Senior Artist means a minimum of a hundred weddings under the belt. The benefits of that start long before the big day. Consider us your own private consultants, schedule a time and we're happy to explore planning ideas from a capture perspective.

Outside of discussions with you, we take time to walk the venue, meet with your planner, or do an internal team meeting to brainstorm ways to plus your big day.

Leading up to the wedding we reach out to help you do a Deep Review. We learn family names, fine tooth comb shot lists. We reach out to your other vendors to make sure we're all on the same page for these moments that matter most.

during the day
Lead shooter is always a Senior.
Second Shooter for more moments.
All Standard Equipment plus:
Photo: Choice of speciality lenses.
Video: Drone or MoCo Slider.
Full light kit: Mobiles + Spotlight.
Options for additional customization.

all signature

The heart of Signature capture is two crew that have trained together hand in hand, coming from one roof – and led by a Senior Artist. Having two shooters helps ensure no moment is missed. Having a crew makes all the difference for crowd control, lighting, etc.

All our Standard Equipment, plus speciality kit to give shot variety. Signature includes an expanded light kit with Mobiles and a Spotlight. And by already having a crew there, it makes a lot more sense to explore additional customizations for capturing the day.


You get a choice of speciality lenses: an ultra wide angle to make your venue or mountain backdrop sing, a super deep telephoto for the Second Shooter, etc.


Depending on your unique day, choose a drone for aerials and establishing shots or a compact motorized dolly to give great detail variety, and lasting interest to Full Footage.

after the day
Feedback gets a Whole Team review.
More Edits, larger Highlights, and:
Photo: Black and whites, sepias, etc.
Video: Multicam Full Footage.
Heirloom Deliver + Lifetime Backup

all signature

Our feedback cycles are capped with sitting down the team – we always come up with our best ideas when brainstorming as a team.

Everything comes via digital and lifetime backup.  Signature gets the option of a physical Heirloom delivery – available in very limited quantities because we hand make these in-house.


With two photographers, you get more total Edits and much more more shot variety.

In addition to Edits and Selects, you can pick a set of Variants.  These aren't just dumping an "instagram" filter over the top, they're hand tuned black and whites, sepias, etc.


With two videographers, your Highlights film isn't just more of the same, it's a huge increase in shot variety.

Full Footage becomes true MultiCam, with key events like for the ceremony a close up of the bride giving vows, cutting to his real reaction shot, and then seamless moving to a wide for the full audience looking on.

starting at $2800
learn more
about Standard
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For day length photo or film:

Standard Approach starts at $1200
Signature Approach starts at $2800

schedule a consultationSchedule a Consultation

to help you get the quality you want

here are some good
approach questions

What makes you ready for my big day?
Photography is a wild west. There's no required certifications like a hair stylist, no legal "code" standards like in construction. That's why every artist here gets heavy training direct from our Senior Shooters, each of which has more than a hundred weddings under the belt.

Even recent photography grads go through our full training program.  A degree could never prepare you for weddings – demanding quality capture spontaneous in the moment – how could it?  Even universities recognize that'd be risking an event that's supposed to represent the commitment of a lifetime.. on someone that's just learning.

Our training includes shadowing a dozen of weddings, then co-shooting a dozen more before ever shooting on their own. Our rule of thumb is to never have someone shoot if we wouldn't trust them to shoot our own child's wedding.
How do you work with other artists?
Shoot hundreds of weddings with the same person and you get a good feel for how to work hand in hand. It's much less accidentally getting in each other's shots, much less using the wrong equipment at the wrong moment.

When we work with outside artists our team experience goes a long way. We all do heavy training for both photo and video. Everyday our photographers are swapping stories with our videographers, looking for ways to work better together. All that experience helps us know what questions to ask to understand how an outside artist is approaching capture.
How do you deal with dark venues and low light?
This is more common than you'd think. Our eyes have an almost miraculous ability to adapt to the dark and all sorts of situations cameras struggle with. You might not think of your venue as dim, but if you could light a candle as decor you know it's actually dim.  Like romantic candle light dim, which can be nice!

Lens, lights, and camera body all play a key role to keeping it real in low light. The easy option is an on camera flash, but we all know what those photos look like. Scroll through your phone and you can always tell when the flash went off.

If you want these memories to look real, you need wide aperture primes plus lights that adjust color and brightness to match the real lighting of the space. If it's really dark you'll also need a speciality camera. Go cheap on lens, lights, or camera and every image will come in fifty shades of fake.
How do you make sure to get those real moments?
Real moments means spontaneous, authentic.  You need 3 things – heart, equipment, and experience:
  1. An artist has to start with an earnest real desire to see those moments.  We all filter our world by what we're looking for. If an artist isn't deeply in this for memories, those moments will pass by literally invisible unnoticed.  It starts with a heart being truly in it for the moments that matter most.
  2. The right equipment is an actual need, not just nice. Try a common scenario: If you're on a wide angle landscape lens and the groom suddenly gives her that perfect sweet look, how do you get that shot?  Scramble, and shout "wait! keep looking real while I switch lenses!"  No, dear client – and maybe you'd never know because the real moment would be missed and the picture never taken. But that's why our Standard is two cameras, with a wide angle lens on the left hip, and a telephoto on the right hip.
  3. Over time an artist develops a sense of when those moments are about to come. Shoot a thousand weddings and you'll know what I mean! You somehow know where to look to see those moments before they happen.
Can I customize the approach to my own needs?
Yes, please! Our Standard and Signature are proven baselines to get people started. But being a team gives you radically more experience and equipment to help meet your unique needs than what we could ever offer as solo freelancers doing this on our own.
Heaven forbid, What if the photographer gets sick?
Or pregnant?  Or gets in a car wreck?  Sprains an ankle?  Do this full time and you'll see those all happen regularly. We're ready for it, we're a team.
You're never in a last second scramble to find a replacement.
What kind of images do I get?
The reason it takes time to get your pictures back is that they are supposed to get worked on! But what kind of work do they get?  

It's easy to dump a heavy instagram stylized filter over all the images to hide real color problems. That woodsy look might be nice now, but if you don't get the real natural photos it might be because the real work was skipped over. And twenty years from now you'll probably want to see the real thing, not what was hip in 2020. By the way nothing was hip in 2020...COVID, rioting, natural disasters.. need we say more?

Anyways take a picture of a sunset and wonder why it didn't look like it actually looked?  Real requires more work. Our Standard is hundreds of images, all individually worked on so that each image looks the way it felt to be there. Being a team means we have the workstations and specialists to efficiently work through every image for exposure, color, and not just on the broad – we individually adjust areas within an image like targeting just that sunset while keeping you looking natural.
What about retouching?
The two extremes in image deliverables are a mountain of not finished spotty images – or only getting a handful retouched as pay per edit. Our Standard is hundreds of images, all individually edited. Every image gets worked on for blemishes, teeth correction, fly away hairs, etc. Pays to have a full time retoucher! Well. At least we pay to have a full time retoucher.
what are your videos highlighting?
Our galleries are full of a beautiful variety of couples! We have slow, sweet romantic couples and we embrace and help bring that out in those people. But we think hammering everyone into one style would be missing the point of having professional capture. It's about capturing a bit of your souls! So if that means quirky, or fun, or crazy, or shy, or whatever, let's bring out the best of that.  We aim to highlight your relationship, and the relationships you share with the people that matter most to you.

Our Standard Highlights are short and engaging because we think it's better to keep these the true highlights of the day. And you're never left missing memories – we always give Full Footage films divided up per portion of the day. For people that really want a longer Highlights film but also want to keep things real, we recommend looking at our Signature where we've got 2 shooters and hence a lot more to highlight!
Can I buy the raw footage?
Sometimes videographers offer "raw footage" as an add on. Most people don't know what raw means.  Raw means dumped out the back of a camera, raw untouched. Or it means raw like super heavy raw data files that requires a high end workstation to playback and eats up terabytes of hard drive. Most couples we talk to don't want any of those things. They want what we call Full Footage.

Full footage is everything we shot, trimmed down to get rid of us filming the floor waiting for something to start, all color corrected so it all looks natural and nice, and set to real sounds of the day. We bring body pack recorders so it's never back of the room audio. No – none of that is an add on – it's Standard.
Who holds your quality bar?
We all go up and down, it's only human. That's why we have more than one human. No solo artist in a corner deciding good enough. As a team of professionals we feedback every image in-house every time.
What if a decade later I lose my copy?
Most artists do this for about a decade before burning out. So you might get lucky, if they happen to keep a rigorous backup themselves. We're brick and mortar in it for the long haul. We keep a copy here on an archival server, and another out of state.

"Wow. can we talk more over dinner?"

Yes. We're buying. And we hope you can see by now, you understanding Approach is the key to you seeing what makes a truly good package and what's an overpriced turkey.