the investment of a lifetime

how pricing works

Couples come into this wondering if we'll meet their budget – as if this was always done in a fixed way at a fixed cost. That was sometimes true as freelancers. But doing this as a team flips the art on its head and allows it to be about fitting your needs.

our weddings most commonly
range $1200 to $3400
all fair and fit to the couple.

Pricing is all about making sure the package fits your priorities.  We have some options as low as $700 and others ranging past $7000. Schedule a time for a consultation and we're happy to help you explore options. Whatever artist or package you go with, here's how all our pricing works:


here's the three steps

to getting the right package for you.

Getting started.
Finding the right fit is usually a look at three overlapping circles: galleries, approach, and package. The easiest way to get this all figured out is with real person help. But for now, these are our best three pre-consultation helps we could give anyone!
Step 1: can I see real wedding galleries?
Yes! It's probably the one of the best things you could do to see what an artist actually gives people, and if that's what you'd want to be looking back on. And always ask to see lots! Here's why:

A portfolio represents what an artist values, it's usually some of the best work an artist has ever done. But you're not buying portfolio. What typically comes out of a real wedding?

Ask to see a full dozen real wedding galleries, all from within the past year, each with at least fifty images. That way you know you're not being sent the cherry picked best of best. You only need to go through 2 or 3 of those galleries and see how they handle different parts of the day. Do you value ceremony or reception photos, what do those look like?

For bonus points, ask to see if they have 2 or 3 real client galleries similar to your wedding – as in, indoors or outdoors, what venue, what kind of couple, how many guests, formal or casual, what time of year, daytime or evening, etc.
step 2: Why is approach so important?
Because without it you really have no idea if a package is the right fit for your own day. Weddings are as unique and varied as the people in them. This isn't about just finding someone with a camera to fill hours of coverage. It's always about making sure we're approaching that day in a way that it creates the quality you'd want to look back on.

Our Standard Approach shows a very clear quality bar. It's a thousand plus weddings adding up to say "95% of weddings would really need all these things to be part of the approach". But it's important to know that certain of our client galleries show images that wouldn't be possible without Signature Approach.

We're clear about our Approach because we've seen outside photographers rent an expensive lens and an advanced camera because a couple is "so good looking!" and that photographer wants portfolio. Guess what the portfolio is then showing? A quality that's not really part of their Approach, and not what they're regularly giving people. But most people never talk about Approach. It's the big blind spot in the package equation.
step 3: What makes a good package?
A bad package is not understanding what you're getting. It usually starts with not thinking through what you really wanted.

Before our consultation most people don't know what to ask past "what's it cost?" and "how many hours?". But was the real long term goal to find the cheapest possible option?  Or the most amount of hours?  Your mom with a iPhone is for sure the cheapest possible option and will give you all the hours you want. And sorry mom, that's a bad package.

A good package is starts with thinking through what you really want, and then understanding what you're actually getting. We're here to help you think through the priorities and what makes sense with your budget. For some people, a higher quality Approach is more important – for others it's more quantity of coverage.

We have people on our calendar ranging $700-$7000, all fit to their needs and circumstances. For most people, our Standard day coverage starting at $1200 really can't be beat. Signature is our team premium coverage, starting at $2800 for the same length of day.
Okay done.
If you've gone through the previous questions you've already seen approach really is the heart and soul of the art. We're capturing you. It's a collaboration, with us doing the heavy lifting but we promise the more you bring to the table the better your capture. And we want to help you bring a lot to the table!

We're here to guide our clients all the way through the capture process, before, during, and long afterwards. If you want to do more research beforehand, we've gathered the best questions from our face to face consultations and put them at the bottom of our main Galleries, Approach, and Package pages. Use the grey shortcuts to bounce between them!

"what if I'm too busy?"

You're going to be looking back on this for a lifetime. We hope you have a few minutes to find the right match for your memories. If you're truly short on time, our Standard is a great fit for the vast majority of weddings.  Just pick the size of day, basically: small, medium, or large.

If you're too tight on time to research approach, but also tight on budget – that's where you might get into trouble. Find the cheapest option with a good portfolio? Throwing a Hail Mary does work sometimes! We would just never feel good about quality "sometimes" when it should be something you're looking back on for a lifetime.

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It's never Coverage equals package.
approach is always the biggest part
of what makes a package cost what it does.

How packages work

Most people think pricing all depends on coverage. But that's totally missing the biggest part of what makes a package what it is. You have to understand an artist's approach so you know what those hours of coverage are worth and what your package will give you.


Approach is how an artist adapts to your unique day to make sure they get the quality you want for your own galleries. We have 2 robust baselines:

Standard or Signature


Coverage is how many moments you really want to be looking back on, part of the day, the whole of the day, or even multiple days. Here's our most common:

Partial, Full, or Extended


Package  is where priorities get real, it's all the numbers linked with approach and coverage: how many shooters, cameras, lights, hours, images, etc.

lots of numbers

package sample

one Standard, one signature

Same length of coverage.

the Essentials

standard photo + film
Engagements or Formals Session
  • 1 Photographer
  • 2 Cameras
  • 5 Professional Lenses
  • 1.5hr Session
  • 75 Edits
  • Up to 10 Selects
Standard Partial Photo + Film
  • 1 Photographer
  • 2 Cameras
  • 5 Professional Lenses
  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 Cinema Camera
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Lights
  • 4 hours of coverage
  • 1 pause allowance
  • 200 Edits
  • Up to 10 Selects
  • 2-3m Highlights Film
  • 10-30m+ Full Footage Films
  • 1yr hosting digital delivery
$1200 + 900 + 350 = $2450

quick Crew

signature photo + film
Engagements or Formals Session
  • 1 Photographer
  • 2 Cameras
  • 5 Professional Lenses
  • 1.5hr Session
  • 75 Edits
  • Up to 10 Selects
Signature Partial Photo + Film
  • 2 Photographers
  • 3 Cameras
  • 7 Professional Lenses
  • Choice of Speciality Lenses
  • 2 Videographers
  • 2-3 Cinema Cameras and Gimbal
  • Choice of Drone or MoCo Slider
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Lights
  • 2 Fully Adjustable Mobile Lights
  • 1 Fully Adjustable Spotlight
  • Expanded customization options
  • 4 hours of coverage
  • 1 pause allowance
  • 225-300 Edits
  • Up to 10 Selects
  • Up to 30 Variants
  • 4-6m Highlights Film
  • 10-30+ MultiCam Full Footage Films
  • 1yr hosting digital delivery
  • Optional Heirloom delivery
$2800 + 2100 + 350 = $5250
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The above examples work on the same pricing model. You start with a base rate, get 25% off for the second service, and then a special rate for any additional sessions. Our pricing model is straightforward, fair, and easily scales to fit your needs.

the pricing model

same simple rates for photo or video

same simple math for standard or signature

Every package starts with a simple base rate.
Standard Partial Day Photo or Video is $1200, Full Day is $1600, etc.
Signature Partial Day Photo or Video is $2800, Full Day is $3400, etc.
same base but 25% off for the second service.
Standard Partial Video as a second service for $900, Full Day for $1200, etc.
Signature Partial Video as a second service for $2100, Full Day for $2550, etc.
And a special rate on Additional sessions.
Engagements or Formals for $350, Story Session for $400, etc.

There are lots of ways all these numbers can fit together. Which is why we recommend a consultation so we can help you explore best options. We want to make sure we're making the best use of your budget, because yes – if you want quality – there's no getting around the fact that this can be an expensive art.

"yeah why is that?"

For even a simple $1200 backyard wedding we’re showing up Standard with almost $50k in equipment. But what part of that Standard list isn’t needed?

Skip the dual cameras?  But when the real moment happens and you're on a wide angle, you just miss it?  You'd just never get that moment. Or how about skimp on lenses?  It’d be saving you maybe $100 of the package total now, but at the cost of a lifetime looking at poor quality for anything shot indoors or at night.

If the goal is just to document, everyone has a camera in their pocket. Ask your friend with the newest iPhones Pro Max to snap some pics for isntworthagram!  Oh did we spell that wrong?  Sorry too spicy, only kidding.

But really, why spend $1k on pictures?  Or for that matter, why buy $50k of picture taking equipment?  Because of all times in life worth capturing with a quality that you'd want to look back on for the rest of your life, this is it. We can make a tight budget go a long way, or as a team we can make a big budget do things you won't find anywhere else.

For day length photo or film:

Standard Approach starts at $1200
Signature Approach starts at $2800

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If that means spontaneous,
we love it.
If that means solemnity,
we love it.
If that means traditional,
we love it.
If that means together,
we love it.
we love
your love.

to help you explore your priorities,

here are some good
Package questions

What tops the planning list?
It's so helpful to actually write out what matters more than what. If you've always dreamed of that dress hanging in the window, it might be worth having that be the top and plan other things around it. We've also met people where food was a big part of their relationship, so they spent heavy on Marvelous Catering (amazing by the way, good choice).

It can also be helpful to think past your immediate priorities. Imagine a decade out, looking back what would you want topping that priority list?  Okay.. yeah, loaded question. But hey.. to some people catering still is the most important part of a wedding! It can be helpful for us know that in capturing your memories.
Wouldn't this be easier if you posted all pricing?
Our pricing isn't any kind of secret.  For example our Standard Partial is $1200, Standard Extended is $2000. Those early budget broad strokes can be very helpful! But to get a detailed quote we want to help make sure you're getting what you want – and most people aren't experienced enough in photography to even know how to know what's a good price and what's an overpriced turkey.

Call around and you'll find anywhere from $500-$5000.  Is the $500 a good deal? It could be.  Or it could be more overpriced than a $2000 option.  It all depends on what those numbers actually mean, what you're actually getting in those hours of capture and in that image count. That's all Approach, and most people need help thinking through approach.

After the consultation we can give you a pricing grid. Otherwise it would just be overwhelming to figure out on your own. Our Standard and Signature are simple baselines, but we have 4 full pages of customizations. The consultation has to come first so that you know what the pricing means.
Can you do just my photo or video?
We shoot solo all the time, just as often as shooting photo and video as a team. But even just buying one of us you still get so much of the team benefits. You get trained and proven artists, equipment only teams can afford, staff to help make sure every image is a true edit, etc.

So why isn't this done as a team more often?  Indeed one of life's great mysteries – akin to asking why did Vincent van Gogh bite his ear off? Still scratching our heads on that one – but we still have both ears.
How does this fit in with the rest of the Wedding?
Our Standard and Signature are both great, but context is everything!

Signature would be seriously overdoing it for some weddings, and for other weddings Standard wouldn't cut it. Drone make so much sense in a travel destination wedding up in the mountains – but might be odd if the venue is just in the middle of a commercial parking lot.

If you need some help gauging the best fit for your day give us a call!
what's more important, quantity or quality?
Honest hard question. If it came down to it, what's more important, quality Approach for the moments that matter most, or lots of Coverage at a lesser quality?

By the way, we've seen a few folks in this dilemma use us for those most important moments and have their friend with a camera document a few less important things.
What can I do if I'm on a super tight budget?
Priorities doesn't just mean spending money. Some of the most beautiful weddings we've captured were on a shoe string, but so full of heart – and still visually beautiful because the couple went all out with tasteful DIY. If you want beautiful memories to look back on but you're on a tight budget, here's how to make to make it all work:
  1. You have to keep the main thing the main thing. You do have some budget, make sure to spend it where it matters most – on the things you can't do yourself.
  2. Most of where your budget would have gone can be swapped out with your own effort and creativity.
  3. Talk to us.  If we know you're on a tight budget let's not waste time talking about Signature Approach. Let's hone in on how to make this work for you.
What's more important, photo or video?
Sheesh! Hard questions! That's like picking a favorite child! You shouldn't have to ask that question. We treat them equally important, and you get a discount when doing both.

But if you have to pick, this one can sometimes help with budget as well as planning to help us know what you want to lead out in various parts of the day.
Your pricing is so high something must be wrong!
We only hear that occasionally. It's usually because they skipped the Approach page and have no idea what's included for $1200.
Your pricing is so low something must be wrong!
Once or twice we've actually had people say that too. Too much of a good thing?

But honestly, being a team the biggest part of how we can price the way we do. Normally if you've been shooting for a decade, the only way to earn more is to bill the client more. Instead, our most experienced artists are paid more because they're helping train the next generation of artists. We all share in the growth.