frequently asked questions

There's so much that goes into capture. Our Packages and Crew Count pages focus on the most important info. This FAQ is the most common questions we get from people who have additional priorities.

What If I already hired someone else for video/photo?

Great! Don't get us wrong, there are certainly advantages to working with us as a team – but part of that team approach helps us work with any other professionals.

Our photo and video team edits all week long sitting side by side, so we see and hear about the other side of the art constantly. That makes us a lot more ready to work with the other side of the art, even when done by someone outside the studio.

Can I print somewhere else?

Yes, mostly! Gallery grade prints "at-cost" are meant to be a big perk of hiring a studio, and the best way to hold the quality bar.

Our only ask is: if an image we shot will be on display at the wedding then print it through us.

With how much effort we put into every image it's breaks our artist hearts to see Costco tint a couple's skin green again! Call us quality snobs, but as long as we don't have to see it, you can print wherever you want.

Can I have just one image early?

We wish it was an easy as sending an iPhone photo! Then it'd be an easy yes. Instead it's a yes as a customization.

With professional workflows in order to do one image, we have to import the raw camera data into our catalogue software and generate preview thumbnails, one by one sort through hundreds or thousands, narrow it down comparing versions back and forth, editing is to big a process to list here, then export, upload and verify, etc. Normally we do each of those steps once for all of your photos. Doing even one image early can add hours of work.

That big long process is a lot like making cookies. With all those raw ingredients, tools, and steps making just a few cookies takes almost as long as it would to make a several dozen.

That being said, if you really need a few expedited talk to us ASAP so we can get that scheduled. We do 5-10 Previews for $50.

How long till I get my images back?

Depends! Engagements and Formals we know you need them back fast for wedding use! Otherwise, getting everything back fast but at a lesser quality would be short sided. So we give ongoing priority to Sessions with a 2-3 week turnaround, and then Day Length coverage we do a slower 2-3 months.

That said we know everybody's excited to see those images ASAP, but if we cranked up the ovens hot enough to push all those images through as fast as possible there'd be a lot of burnt cookies!

If you do actually need them back faster for a reception (or any other need) that’s also part of why we normally say 2-3 months. It gives room to let us give priority for the people who don’t just want but actually need them back faster.

Please schedule this in advance! It helps us keep Rush as affordable a customization as possible at $75 for a Session, $150 for Day Length capture. Or if you really only need a few, Previews give 5-10 and cost $50.

Can I have the raw video footage

If you're asking what we think your asking, that's what those Doc Films are for!

With all Standard and Signature packages you get the full footage of everything we shot, color corrected, and cleaned up in documentary format. It's basically the full pro home movie version of the day.

We usually give you one per portion of the day, so a film called "Ceremony" with the full ceremony and everything surrounding it, "Toasts" and dinner footage, etc. Length totally depends on what you have going on.  We've given 15 minute short and sweet ceremony films and 90 minute full Catholic mass ceremonies.

If you mean raw as in thousands of individual clips in greyscale SLOG3, complete with the handles where you see our filming the ground waiting for something to start.. we're curious why you'd want that?

Can I be involved in music?

Absolutely!  Broad stroke input like "No country or hip hop" is usually easy, might add a little bit of time to the editing process but nothing crazy – no cost for something small like that.

If you've got a specific song in mind, let us know you're interested ASAP and then let's talk again after we give you the first Highlights.

If you tried to figure out music in advance without actually pouring over all the footage it'd take you way more time and probably drive you half crazy because song didn't fit the footage as you expected. So we've come up with a clever option to let those couples have their cake and eat it too! We call it a Personal Edit.

Can I have more images?

Tongue-in-cheek: More images is actually very easy.  Each of the cameras we bring can shoot 24 pictures per second and we bring 2 of those cameras.  Hold up both double barreled and count to 5 and we've already given 240 pictures!  

Tongue-in-cheek: Image count met, contract fulfilled right? Though, of course, you sorting through that to find the best image would be very tedious. So tedious that you probably would skim over most of them and accidentally miss the best ones right?

Tongue-in-cheek over: Sorting is one of the most time consuming parts of our job, because to us this is all about giving quality images.

Quality is why you're hiring professional capture. The most efficient balance of quality and quantity of images is for us to go through and just do them all as Edits. For most people, something like 300 individual Edits more than covers every aspect of their day! 

For people who want additional images we have a workflow called Extras. On average for every Edit we give you there's another variation or "good but not as good" shot.  We do that whole batch at a rate of  $1 per image, giving each image a quick quality pass for straightness, brightness, saturation, and color temp. That's our next best balance of quality to quantity!

If you want a little insight into why we've built that workflow: Sorting is the closest thing to actually holding the camera. Like holding the camera, sorting is deciding everything that is and isn't in the image. It's one of the most critical parts of the art, second place only to shooting. Most couples find that if they liked our portfolio, they'll like the images we gave them because that's portfolio reflected our artistic judgement.

How long have you been doing this?

We came together in 2012, so about a decade!

But if you're more asking about experience – between all of us we've shot well over 1000 weddings. Being a team means shooters spend more time shooting, less time being accountants and all the other things you have to be when you freelance one-man-band. Even the crew who started here 1 year back has shot more weddings than the average weekend warrior has in 5 years.

Can I see your portfolio?

If you mean our team portfolio, absolutely! We post tons of it!

If you mean individual shooter portfolio, you're probably thinking in freelance mindset. We're a team. When you watch our videos or look at our photo galleries you're never looking at one person's work.

For Standard or Signature capture you've already seen multiple artists shots blended together into one pot with so much stylistic consistency that we ourselves have no idea who shot what. But even for Simple where there's just one artist on site, their work comes back and is worked on by other artists, then given feedback work yet another artist.

Portfolio is normally a way to see where one individual is at.  But that one individual fluxes up and down with nobody to help average that out or lift it back up.  With us, we do this as a team in order to hold a much more consistent and reliable quality bar.

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