frequently asked questions

frequent questions

Want to be as clear about our process as possible. Hope you find this list helpful.  Don't hesitate to reach out if your question isn't answered here.

What If I want them rushed?
Yep! If you want or need your images within a week or so after the shoot, you can pay a rush fee ($75 for a session and $150 for a wedding).
Can I have just one image early?
Man! Wish it was an easy thing (I totally get wanting a few images to show people right after the wedding!), but in order to get you even just one image, we have to import all of your wedding images into our software, sort through everything, narrow it down, edit, export, upload, etc. Closest thing I can compare it to is making cookies haha. Takes almost as long to make a few cookies as it would to make a whole batch. That being said, if you really need a shoot expedited let’s talk.
Can I print somewhere else?
Absolutely. Our prints are meant to be a benefit, the only meet in the middle we ask is that if it's something we shot that's on display at the wedding then print it through us.
Can I have the RAW Video footage
You basically have it with the full footage, but much more usable.
What If I already hired someone else for video/photo?
Great! Don't get us wrong, there are certainly advantages to working with us as a team – but part of that team approach helps us work with any other professional because we hear about their side of the art constantly.
Can we pick the song for the wedding highlight?
As far as songs go, that can be a bit tricky – because we live in a sue happy world we have to be really careful about using songs that can be licensable (meaning almost no popular songs or popular artists). Otherwise, both you and us could get into some pretty serious trouble. The other big thing is, it needs to go with the flow of your day, which we won’t know until we’re piecing the highlight together. That said, if you want to be involved then great! We’ll send you the sites we use to get our pre-licensed music and once you find 4 or 5 you like, send them our way and we’ll see what works. Just make sure to get them to us sooner rather than later so we can get working on your lovely footage :) 
How long have you been doing this?
See our history page <3
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