for the moments that matter most

for the moments that matter most

sitting in a tree

It might not seem like much now, but good photos and films will be how you hold onto a beautiful beginning.

Photo and film done right should be centering: it should help you stay focused on the commitment of a lifetime. For that to happen it needs to be quality, and it needs to be real. Otherwise you won't be excited to hang it on your wall or watch the films every anniversary for decades.

We're here to help you hold on to that love
like lightning in a bottle.
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If you're shy,
we love it.
If you're playful,
we love it.
If you're vogue,
we love it.
If you're enchanted,
we love it.
in your happy place
we love it.
in who knows what place
we love it.
we love
your love.

We're a small studio dedicated to reliably capturing those moments that matter most. We're big believers that everyone deserves capture they'd enjoy for a lifetime. So whether photo, video, or both we always give the kind of capture only a team can give.

capture built by a team gives radically
more room to adapt to specific needs,
holds a more consistent quality bar,
and always makes your budget go further.
Oh really?

Yes really. Established brick and mortar means robust offerings ranging $700 to past $7000. We give the backyard ceremony a quality Standard few freelancers could afford to maintain. And for those looking for best it can be capture, our Signature is an all-in-house crew of four handling both photography and videography, all highly coordinated and equipped to work together in a way you’ve likely never seen at a wedding. Take a look at our Approach pages if you want to see what Standard or Signature looks like.

Here for real help
one-on-one time with a real person, no pressure.

We earnestly care about helping you get capture you'll enjoy for a lifetime. So much that we're here to give some help, even if we're not the right fit for your own memories. Everyone deserves some real consultation time to help think through priorities, weigh the budget, and consider some options.

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consider this a little pre-consultation:

for the commitment of a lifetime

it needs to be real

Most people have never shopped for anything like this. If only getting authentic, beautiful capture of your relationship was as simple as walking into our office and picking finished photos off the wall! But that would be missing the point... for once this is actually about you – and it should be.

These are moments of
of a never-go-back nature;
Miss it and it's gone, No undo or buy later button.
and a love like that
should be cherished always,
looked back on forever.
it needs to be quality

This is a purchase that goes so far beyond the wedding checklist. Quality plus real is what makes an image represent a relationship – makes a film stand the test of time. If you could see your own parents real, young, vibrant, beautiful in love... wouldn't you want that?  Those photos and films would be your heirlooms – a reminder that you exist because of love.

how to find your fit
A simple step by step guide to getting the capture you want
  1. galleries
    What do you want to be looking back on?
  2. approach:
    How do you make sure you'll get that quality?
  3. package:
    What are your real priorities?
So are we the right fit?

when capturing memories

approach is key

Approach is the heart and soul of the art. It's how you and the artist create that portfolio quality for your own galleries. Before the day it's an experienced artist guiding you through the process of memory capture. During the day it's the artist's passion, equipment, and failsafes. And with us, getting that quality means approach continues long after the day is done.

No, this art is not about tools. But heavens do the tools affect the art more than any other art. Just take out good quality lights and what would you get?  You'd get galleries that skip over anything shot indoors or at night.

That's why fully adjustable lights are included even in our Standard Approach.

our approach

a full team Under one roof

Studio means instead of being set in stone, our approach adapts to you and your needs.  We have two robust baselines. Our Standard Approach is all the things we've found need to be standard for always reliable quality. Our Signature Approach is the kind of premium capture only a team can give.

available as photo, film, or both.



approach includes:
before the day
Professional consultation time.
Final Checklist Review.

all standard

Collectively we've shot over a thousand weddings. We give you plenty of resources to help make sure your capture is the best it can be.

Leading up to the wedding we reach out to help you do a Final Checklist Review, talk through final plans, and hone in on your preferences.

during the day
Always trained artists.
Photo: Dual cameras, pro lenses.
Video: Cinema camera and gimbal.
Pair of fully adjustable lights.
Failsafe plan for all equipment.

all standard

The heart of Standard is artists who have been through a heavy training program, shadowed then co-shot dozens of weddings, and truly care about making sure your memories are worth looking back on for a lifetime. Without these trained, caring artists, our tens of thousands of dollars of equipment wouldn't really matter.

But yes the tools matter. For example, Why's a flash photo often look fake?  It's the wrong color of light. Our lights are can be adjusted for both brightness and color temperature so they always look natural.


Our photo comes Standard with dual cameras start to finish, with a wide angle lens on one and a telephoto on the other. That means more real moments captured.


Video get a full professional gimbal that keeps up moving with you, with full focus on you.  Go up with the bouquet toss, go down with the dance. No bobble-stick tilt wobble, no moments missed. This isn't about tech, this is about beautiful moments captured beautifully.

after the day
Feedback cycles with another artist.
Photo: Edits + Selects.
Video: Highlights + Full Footage.
Digital Delivery + Lifetime Backup.

all standard

Everything we give you gets feedback from another artist. We help each other hold a consistent quality bar for every image, not just the ones we want for our own portfolio.

We give you everything hosted for a full year, then keep a lifetime backup. How's that for service after the day?


Studio means an in-house full time retoucher. Full Day coverage yields three hundred Edits, all worked on one by one – targeted for 8x10 printing. We want you focused on beautiful memories, not the blemishes and flyaway hairs.

We got into giclée printing after too often seeing the gap between our edits and the prints from big box shops. Art snobbery aside – yes – you can still print your wedding at Costco, as long as we never have to see it.


Enter the whirlwind, the whole day in a beautiful retelling. No, not endless slo-mo same shots cookie cutter – we've seen too much of that to! Instead, our Highlights do indeed highlight your day; upbeat happy, lovely romantic, or sometimes even quirky.

We always give you Full Footage so you have every memory we captured. This is better than raw, it's been color corrected, merged with nice audio from the day, and trimmed of repeat shots or filming the floor.

starting at $1200


approach includes:
before the day
Start to Finish Senior Artists.
Outside Time for Special Prep.
Deep Review before the wedding.

all signature

Senior Artist means a minimum of a hundred weddings under the belt. The benefits of that start long before the big day. Consider us your own private consultants, schedule a time and we're happy to explore planning ideas from a capture perspective.

Outside of discussions with you, we take time to walk the venue, meet with your planner, or do an internal team meeting to brainstorm ways to plus your big day.

Leading up to the wedding we reach out to help you do a Deep Review. We learn family names, fine tooth comb shot lists. We reach out to your other vendors to make sure we're all on the same page for these moments that matter most.

during the day
Lead shooter is always a Senior.
Second Shooter for more moments.
All Standard Equipment plus:
Photo: Choice of speciality lenses.
Video: Drone or MoCo Slider.
Full light kit: Mobiles + Spotlight.
Options for additional customization.

all signature

The heart of Signature capture is two crew that have trained together hand in hand, coming from one roof – and led by a Senior Artist. Having two shooters helps ensure no moment is missed. Having a crew makes all the difference for crowd control, lighting, etc.

All our Standard Equipment, plus speciality kit to give shot variety. Signature includes an expanded light kit with Mobiles and a Spotlight. And by already having a crew there, it makes a lot more sense to explore additional customizations for capturing the day.


You get a choice of speciality lenses: an ultra wide angle to make your venue or mountain backdrop sing, a super deep telephoto for the Second Shooter, etc.


Depending on your unique day, choose a drone for aerials and establishing shots or a compact motorized dolly to give great detail variety, and lasting interest to Full Footage.

after the day
Feedback gets a Whole Team review.
More Edits, larger Highlights, and:
Photo: Black and whites, sepias, etc.
Video: Multicam Full Footage.
Heirloom Deliver + Lifetime Backup

all signature

Our feedback cycles are capped with sitting down the team – we always come up with our best ideas when brainstorming as a team.

Everything comes via digital and lifetime backup.  Signature gets the option of a physical Heirloom delivery – available in very limited quantities because we hand make these in-house.


With two photographers, you get more total Edits and much more more shot variety.

In addition to Edits and Selects, you can pick a set of Variants.  These aren't just dumping an "instagram" filter over the top, they're hand tuned black and whites, sepias, etc.


With two videographers, your Highlights film isn't just more of the same, it's a huge increase in shot variety.

Full Footage becomes true MultiCam, with key events like for the ceremony a close up of the bride giving vows, cutting to his real reaction shot, and then seamless moving to a wide for the full audience looking on.

starting at $2800

a studio for end to end service

Studio means we can hold a quality bar like few solo artists can. We can afford top shelf tools while keeping pricing fair for you. We can each specialize our talent and technique from shooting to editing, all in house. With a studio, you always have a team to support you start to finish.

What about Working With other professionals?

Yes please!  There are so many talented colleagues we admire and respect. We've shot with some of the best photographers in Utah and best videographers in the country. But the biggest way that affects you is that every artist in our Studio trains together both photo and video. Having a broad grasp on both sides of the art makes us so much more ready work with anyone as a team.

If you're looking for some of our favorite vendors we frequently work with – you can consider this our little Scarlet Oak extended family!

Preferred Vendors

when it comes to package

It's all priorities

Package is where priorities get real. It's where you look at your real circumstances and real needs. It's about what's deciding what's more important to you longterm, and making sure you're making good use of your budget.

You think that ring is a symbol of your love?  Try staring at that photo on your wall for 20 years years then come talk to us about what represents your relationship! But still buy a ring, they look good in photos. And yes we're biased.

It's never Coverage equals package.
approach is always the biggest part
of what makes a package cost what it does.

how pricing works

Ever wonder why one photographer charges $500 for 5 hours of coverage, and another charges $5000 for 5 hours of coverage?  What's the difference?  Whatever option or artist you decide on, package is a simple equation. Here's how pricing always works:


Approach is how an artist adapts to your unique day to make sure they get the quality you want for your own galleries. Approach is always the biggest part of the pricing equation. We have 2 robust baselines: Standard and Signature.

Coverage is how many moments you really want to be looking back on, part of the day, the whole of the day, or even multiple days. We're set up to flexibly bill by the day length, session, or hour to give you exactly what you need.

Package is where priorities get real, it's all the numbers linked with approach and coverage: how many shooters, cameras, lights, hours, images, etc. We're here to help you think through how to make your priorities work with your budget.

Our pricing model is straightforward, fair, and easily scales to fit your needs. Being a team helps that hold true and fair for the backyard wedding, scaling to world class celebrations.

we recommend a consultation
to help you hone in on the best options for you.
For day length photo or film:

Standard Approach starts at $1200
Signature Approach starts at $2800

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read a little love

"These guys did an amazing job with our wedding photos. The photographer meant to take our photos was in a car accident the day before – she's ok – and they sent someone else from the studio. Their ability to adapt to whatever is one of the best I've seen out of photographers. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. We also will be using them in the future if we can!"

– Kaylee & Jakob

"Best in the business.. Lighting is perfect, music is perfect, angles and moments all captured. If you are looking for a videographer this is the place I would recommend to everyone. We are more than thrilled with their work. Go to their Vimeo page, you can see the quality these guys put in their videos that sets them above everyone else. We were lucky we found them. Thanks again for everything."

– Sheerin & Austin

"My wife and I both work in the photo video world, and we were impressed with the quality, and scale of their equipment. We felt comfortable from the start that they would capture our special day in a way that we could cherish forever. Not only was Tanner and Amanda amazing to work with, but their team.. Aaron, Dalton, and Taylor all did amazing when it came to our photos and videos."

– Kat & Wyatt

"Hands down I would give them six stars if I could. Really though, the quality of their pictures and videos is amazing. They are such great people-persons, they take all the stress away and just allow you to enjoy the shoot. Super professional and timely in the delivery of the end result. Warning though, you might just walk away with two great new friends."

– Paige & James

"Scarlet Oak Studio has both the kind friendliness of your college-photographer friend, but the quality of a large-scale professional studio. They were by far the best prices for the best quality photos. Months after our wedding they still are following up, seeing how we are doing and asking us, personally over-the-phone, how we liked our photos."

– Madison & Heber

"Everyone told me this is the one thing you don't want to skimp on when it comes to your wedding. Glad I listened. Not only was Scarlet Oak reasonably priced for their high quality, but attention to detail, and ability to capture our wedding in the most beautiful way...   When I posted online all my friends were asking who did our video as it was the best they have ever seen – couldn't agree more!!"

– Brittany & Jordan

"I’m a person who normally doesn’t like being photographed, but they put me at ease and made me feel totally comfortable.. We hired them to do all of our engagements, formals, and wedding photos + video. It never felt like a fake photo shoot—it always felt like I was on a date with my wife! They understood what we wanted and made it a reality."

– Shame & Daniel
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