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It might not seem like much now, but good photos and films will be how you hold onto a beautiful beginning.

Photo and film done right should be centering: it should help you stay focused on the commitment of a lifetime. For that to happen it needs to be quality, and it needs to be real.

We're here to help you hold on to that love
like lightning in a bottle.
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If you're shy,
we love it.
If you're playful,
we love it.
If you're vogue,
we love it.
If you're enchanted,
we love it.
in your happy place
we love it.
we love
your love.

real people,

real quality.

Not hammering you into hipster, not veering you toward vogue if that's not you. The point of having this is that it's you. Put yourself in the shoes of any of these couples. Your closest people captured real alive genuine, but with real quality; it's why this art matters.

photo to remind

film to relive

When it comes to the moments that matter most, everyone deserves capture they'd enjoy for a lifetime. It's why we we came together as a true brick and mortar studio.

A thousand weddings have taught us weddings come in a thousand shapes and sizes. Our unique team approach is our key to always giving quality, from the smallest backyard wedding to the biggest top of the world celebrations.

we promise you'll find

capture built by a team gives:

  1. a more reliable quality baseline,
  2. better adapt to real world moments,
  3. true scaling to the scope of your day.
Oh really?

Yes really. Those promises are our vows to you.

Being a team means even the Simple backyard wedding gets a quality bar and equipment no freelancer could afford to maintain, backed and trained by the combined experience of half a dozen full timers.

Then for those looking for best it can be capture, being a studio means our most experienced shooters already have an all-in-house crew ready to handle the most complex weddings. For example our Signature Photo + Film can be a crew of five, coming into your big day with a team game plan and equipped to work together.


available as photo, video, or bundle both.


The kind of capture possible with just one Shooter, but backed by a studio.
Starts at $1200
Simple is for when budget gets tight but quality is still the goal. No part of this package could be removed and still expect reliable quality.
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The kind of capture possible with a crew of two: Shooter and Assistant.
Starts at $1600
Standard is what we think should be standard for most weddings. The in house trained assistant drastically lifts the quality bar without drastically changing the price.
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The kind of capture possible with a crew of three: Shooter, Second Shooter, and Assistant.
Starts at $3000
Signature is the level of capture only a team can give. For complex high expectation weddings, a crew of multiple in house shooters gives a level of reliability and creativity that no solo shooter could do on their own.
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Our photography and videography are designed to go hand in hand, but each give outstanding capture on their own.  When bundling both photo and video we share lights for a smaller footprint, the assistant is shared helping both photo and video, and naturally we pass those cost savings through to you.

real one-on-one love

We earnestly care about helping you get capture you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Our consultation will help you gather a list of needs, balance that against the rest of your priorities, and hone in on the best package for your budget.  Whether phone call or face to face at our studio come expecting real person one-on-one help, no pressure.

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read some kind words

"These guys did an amazing job with our wedding photos. The photographer meant to take our photos was in a car accident the day before – she's ok – and they sent someone else from the studio. Their ability to adapt to whatever is one of the best I've seen out of photographers. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. We also will be using them in the future if we can!"

– Kaylee & Jakob

"Best in the business.. Lighting is perfect, music is perfect, angles and moments all captured. If you are looking for a videographer this is the place I would recommend to everyone. We are more than thrilled with their work. Go to their Vimeo page, you can see the quality these guys put in their videos that sets them above everyone else. We were lucky we found them. Thanks again for everything."

– Sheerin & Austin

"My wife and I both work in the photo video world, and we were impressed with the quality, and scale of their equipment. We felt comfortable from the start that they would capture our special day in a way that we could cherish forever. Not only was Tanner and Amanda amazing to work with, but their team.. Aaron, Dalton, and Taylor all did amazing when it came to our photos and videos."

– Kat & Wyatt

"Hands down I would give them six stars if I could. Really though, the quality of their pictures and videos is amazing. They are such great people-persons, they take all the stress away and just allow you to enjoy the shoot. Super professional and timely in the delivery of the end result. Warning though, you might just walk away with two great new friends."

– Paige & James

"Scarlet Oak Studio has both the kind friendliness of your college-photographer friend, but the quality of a large-scale professional studio. They were by far the best prices for the best quality photos. Months after our wedding they still are following up, seeing how we are doing and asking us, personally over-the-phone, how we liked our photos."

– Madison & Heber

"Everyone told me this is the one thing you don't want to skimp on when it comes to your wedding. Glad I listened. Not only was Scarlet Oak reasonably priced for their high quality, but attention to detail, and ability to capture our wedding in the most beautiful way...   When I posted online all my friends were asking who did our video as it was the best they have ever seen – couldn't agree more!!"

– Brittany & Jordan

"I’m a person who normally doesn’t like being photographed, but they put me at ease and made me feel totally comfortable.. We hired them to do all of our engagements, formals, and wedding photos + video. It never felt like a fake photo shoot—it always felt like I was on a date with my wife! They understood what we wanted and made it a reality."

– Shame & Daniel