Standard Photography

a Crew of 3 for quality & shot flexibility
what to expect
Before your day
coordination Team support prep process throughout.
consultation Dedicated 1:1 time for a final review.
standard shot list Expanded list + room for requests
Failsafe Back up equipment on-hand, crew on standby.
during your day
1 photographer In-house full time shooter.
2 cameras High speed low light primes.
5 lenses Pro zooms + low light primes.
1 Assistant Trained and certified to help ensure quality.
Panel modifiers Reflector, diffuser, wind control, etc.
2 event lights Color adjustable to light key events.
1 Apprentice Trained and certified to bring flexibility.
1 camera 2nd angles for key moments + more candids.
1 lens Standard zoom + more from primary shooter.
after your day
editing In-house editing, no out sourcing.
data management Dual cards -> dual servers -> cloud.
feedback Quality check and revisions from another artist.
Deliverables Digital delivery with 1 yr hosting.
edits Every image individually adjusted + retouched.
print package Fine art matte prints done in-house
what's that look like?

We think a crew of 3 should be "Standard" for the moments that matter most:

Your primary shooter always has an assistant to deal with all those tricky lighting situations: early harsh sunlight, indoor lighting, etc. Your second shooter gives you great flexibility: the groom's reaction shot as she comes down the aisle or candids at split up to cover cocktail candids during the group shots and formals portraits.

starting at $2900

Standard packages are available
in photo, video, or bundle rate both

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standard in-depth

Before your Day:


In this art you are the art, so we start with a face to face hello and get to know. We get a feel for who you are and what makes your relationship yours. If we're taking engagements or formals we hone in on location preferences. For a wedding we talk early plans and consult on customizations.

Final Review

Once we're closer to the wedding day we reach out again for a final coordination. We fine tooth comb the complete timeline of the day, build a full group shot list, and check for any changes or details.

During your Day:

Dedicated photographer

We make sure every artist here is experienced, creative, and in this for the right reason – the love of your love. Seeing two souls commit, that thrills us to the soul... that inspires creativity celebrating you.


From bouquet toss to that sparkle the in the eye, real capture requires the artist to be ready for moments as they come. Our photography uses dual cameras start to finish, with a wide angle lens on one and a telephoto on the other.

Soft continuous lighting

No paparazzi flash bursts interrupting your event. We bring soft continuous lights that color match to your golden candle light or blue daylight. That means your photos look natural, even in the hardest lighting situations.


The studio rule is to have a fail-safe for every piece of equipment we bring to your day, down to the memory cards. Every photo is recorded to dual cards so that even if one card corrupts, no memories are lost.

After your Day:

feedback and revision cycles

We start by reviewing your day, cull out the repeats zombies and oopses, and take a step back for objectivity. Then every image gets reviewed by another artist, here in-house. With us it's never a solo artist trying to hold the quality bar all on their own. Having a team is our secret to consistent quality wedding photography.

Deliverables: Retouched EDITS

Every wedding receives hundreds of images, all worked individually by our full time retoucher. We take care of fly-away hairs, color, exposure, and more. We want you focused on memories not blemishes.

DEliverables: Giclee Print Package

The moments that matter most shouldn't end forgotten on a hard drive or as a cheap dye-sub print.  Standard includes Gallery grade prints done in-house, perfectly tuned to match our editing monitors.

Digital Delivery + LIFETIME BACKUP

A full year of everything available for easy download.  Then lifetime archival backup. Do this long enough and you'll see just how often it happens: the couples call in a panic... Yes, we still have your stuff.


for best it can be capture:

signature packages
For day length photo or film:

Simple Packages start at $2100
Standard Packages start at $2900
Signature Packages start at $3700

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Why yes, thank you!  Actually, we shoot quite a bit of documentary work. So rather than treat your memories like they don't matter, we give them the same treatment we give our larger patrons and projects.