provo ut studio


blackwood is a studio space
designed by photographers, for you.

Blackwood makes quality photography and videography easy.

‍A blend of modern and timeless decor and accents.
A mix of light and dark backdrops, flexible for your session or story.
Large surround windows + ceiling and surround outlets for studio lighting.

As photographers and videographers we've been there:

You rent a studio space for it's beautiful natural daylight, but then get a heavy overcast day and the windows aren't giving enough light.

You want a natural daylight look, but your client can only shoot in the evening.

You even bring your own lights but there aren't enough outlets.

We purpose built Blackwood to solve all of that. Blackwood is perfect for natural daylight shoots, the studio spotlight look, or create the daylight look at night.

this is flexible shooting.

perfect for:

Family sessions
Story sessions
Company shots

Blackwood Benefits

Plenty of studio lighting equipment to get whatever look you want.
designed for use day or night,
year round consistent quality. No summer sweat.  No winter shivers.
designed by photographers.
shooters available day and night.
conveniently located in downtown Provo.


1hr photo or video session with our own staff photographers or videographers, location fee included.‍

$400 special rate for existing clients
$500 new clients
Also available for outside artists: $125/hr covering the location fee + assistant to help with lighting. Call for booking.