Signature Photography

a Crew of 4 for best it can be capture
what to expect
Before your day
coordination Team support prep process throughout.
consultation Dedicated 1:1 time for a final review.
Additional prep Planner 1:1 meeting or inspo meeting.
signature shot list Standard list + dual creative list.
Failsafe Back up equipment on-hand, crew on standby.
during your day
1 photographer Main shooter for the "must" shots.
2 cameras High speed low light primes.
5 lenses Pro zooms + low light primes.
1 Assistant Trained and certified to help ensure quality.
Panel modifiers Reflector, diffuser, wind control, etc.
2 event lights Color adjustable to light key events.
1 Senior photographer Team lead for creativity.
2 cameras High speed low light primes.
5 lenses Pro zooms + low light primes.
2 speciality lenses For creative perspectives.
1 Assistant Trained and certified to help ensure quality.
Panel modifiers Reflector, diffuser, wind control, etc.
2 event lights Color adjustable to light key events.
after your day
editing In-house editing, no out sourcing.
data management Dual cards -> dual servers -> cloud.
feedback Quality check and revisions from another artist.
Deliverables Digital delivery with 1 yr hosting.
edits Every image individually adjusted + retouched.
print package Fine art matte prints done in-house
what's that look like?

A crew of 4 is our "Signature", the kind of capture only a true team can give:

Instead of the second shooter being a junior artist, the second shooter is senior. Your primary shooter captures the "must have" primary shot list, freeing up your senior to give a creativity that's not possible when you're in "reliability" mindset.

Each shooter has their own assistant, giving more room for creativity and the best dual coverage.

starting at $3700

signature packages are available
in photo, video, or bundle rate both

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signature in-depth

Before your Day

start to finish consultation from our senior artists.

Senior Artist means a minimum of a hundred weddings under the belt. The benefits of that start long before the big day. With Signature, consider our Senior Artists your own private consultants. Schedule a time and we're happy to talk through any planning ideas from a photography perspective.

Dedicated planner meeting

Outside of discussions with you, we take the time for special preparation.  That can come in the form of a location scout, a meeting on site with your coordinator, or our own team can do an internal meeting to brainstorm a plan to plus your photography. With Signature weddings we have room to truly push the quality envelope.

a deep review leading up to the wedding

A month or two before the wedding, Signature gives time for a deep review with you or your planner. We gather dozens of extra details like group shot lists that include family names. The goal is to prepare to make sure this is the best it can be. Which by the way, if we learn group shots are especially important, let's add an assistant with our group sized reflector panels.

During your Day

crew capture

The heart of Signature capture is three crew that have trained together hand in hand, coming from one roof. Even one very experienced Senior Artist can only do so much. Signature gives you both perspectives coming down the aisle or during a first look. Having a crew makes a huge difference throughout the day, whether for crowd control or helping with a reflector or lights.

speciality lenses or 50MP

A special occasion justifies pulling something special off the shelf. Perhaps an ultra-wide landscape lens, a deep telephoto prime, or a smooth-trans macro lens.  Yes, that's a thing – but we only have one. We include a hand picked special lens for your special day.

2x Evemt lights

A very full light kit to adapt to whatever the needs of your wedding are. One of the lights we'll pull out if needed is a Hive 575-C, three times brighter than our compact lights – powerful enough to act as a spotlight or fill a softbox.

OPTIONS for additional customization

Signature enables us to reliably do things we can't do alone. Things like if you have a large group, with a crew there we can bring a whole set of much larger reflectors. With multiple shooters, your ceremony can include speciality lenses.

After your Day

Double feedback and revisions

For Signature we sit down with our fellow Senior Artists for an in depth critique. It takes a lot of experience to feedback and polish these photos into being the best they can be.

Retouched Edits

With more of us there, we can promise more total quality images per hour. Signature is also mostly likely to produce our best of the best. With more cameras rolling, it's inevitable we get better shots.

Deliverables: Giclee Print package

The moments that matter most shouldn't end forgotten on a hard drive or as a cheap dye-sub print.  Signature includes your selection gallery grade prints done in-house, perfectly tuned to match our editing monitors for color accuracy, black levels, and sharpness. Additional editing also included for any enlargement print.


if that sounds over the top

standard packages
For day length photo or film:

Simple Packages start at $2100
Standard Packages start at $2900
Signature Packages start at $3700

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Why yes, thank you!  What's gonna work?  Teamwork. Whether it's equipment or proccesses, there's some things only teams can do.